new blog – update your links!

i’ve registered another blog for baby-related stuff…. so update your links! this one will still remain active, for those interested in how i got here. =)


the last peestick in my house

has been peed on.  my husband refuses to buy any more for me, and says i can’t bring any more home. =)

i just got home from my 2nd blood draw…. i know it hasn’t been two days, but i’m out of town until thursday, so my PCP let me come in today, just to see if it goes up.  but just by looking at this test, i think it’s safe to say it has.


I think it’s safe to say that something is habitating in my uterus.  I’m getting a beta today just to check levels…. I’m just terrified that it’s still the trigger.

~*~*~ update: beta is 49.8, and progesterone is 49.2!  i’m redrawing tomorrow since i’ll be out of town, and the “official” beta will be with the RE on thursday. ~*~*~

last peestick of the night

i promise.  pic taken within 5 minutes of taking it.  not holding pee.

10dpiui – for those who like to obsess…

…here’s some pics for you to analyze.  i am 10dpiui, 11.5dptrigger (i say 11.5 because i triggered at 9pm, and i’ve been testing with FMU.  so according to the calendar i’m 12dptrigger, minus 12 hours).  i started testing at 9.5dptrigger, thinking it would be gone that day, or the next at the latest.  the FRER tests are backwards, so the one on top is the most recent. 


i’ve got one week under my belt, just one more to go before we know something. well, technically, five days…. i know i’m doing a no-no, but i’m planning on testing tuesday morning before i leave for the NKOTB concert. i’ll be 12dpiui / 14dptrigger. i figure if it’s positive, i’ll be elated, and if it’s negative, then i may still have some hope to hang on to. =)

please vote!

i have entered a photography contest for the chance to shoot your dream assignment – please take a moment to read my entry, and vote. it’s much appreciated!

oh, the joys.

Prometrium (pro-MEE-tree-um),  n., aka “cooter beans”a tiny, yellow, oblong pill that can be used as a vaginal suppository; known to cause swollen bewbies, water retention, headaches, nausea, dizziness, phantom pregnancy symptoms, and the most disgusting copious neon yellow vaginal discharge you have ever seen.

’nuff said.

back home and on the couch

everything went well, thank goodness – i was scared it was going to be painful, but according to the RE who did it, my cervix was “gaping open.” we had 99 million swimmers post-wash with 98% forward motion (compared to last time with 24ish million, and 28% forward motion). my goal is to not test until after the NKOTB concert on the 10th. =)

trigger tomorrow, IUI on thursday

it’s official! i have to do one more injection of 150u gonal-f tonight (which means i have to scrimp between four pens to get the dose). i’ll trigger tomorrow night between 8 and 10pm, and will do IUI thursday at 145. i wish i had enough PTO to just be off on thursday, but since i have *zero* hours due to being sick last week, i’ll have to drop off the sample at 730am in B.R., head back to work, then leave at 130pm to go back to B.R. for the procedure. i’m just going to bite the bullet and take off the rest of the afternoon, instead of trying to rush back and finish out the day by 5pm.

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