Since I’m starting to blog my TTC progress, I’ll give you some background on us.  I’m a 27 year old RN, and hubby is 27 also.  We’ve been married for 16 months, and just purchased our first home in August of this year.  I’ve been off of birth control since March of 2007, and we’re not knocked up yet. =) 

 I was diagnosed with PCOS in October of 2007, but I’ve known for a while I’ve had it.  It started out with ovarian cysts in high school, and horrendous periods lasting anywhere from 7 to 10 days.  I had an ovarian cyst rupture in college (1998) and thought I was going to die – I was sent to the ER for possible appendicidis, then an u/s confirmed a cyst had ruptured.  I also have IR (insulin resistance).  My endo Rx’d Glumetza (metformin), and I’ve been on this for two months now. 

 This blog will be an outlet for me – sometimes I’ll need to vent, or post my quacky symptoms, or obsess over lines or no lines on HPT’s.  So keep reading…’s going to get interesting!


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