I pink puffy heart my OB/GYN!

I love Dr. Edward (and his nurses). I’ve been with him since I was 15 years old.  He listens to everything you say, and is very proactive – anytime something feels funny or just doesn’t look right, his nurses are so quick to call back.

For example – today I called and spoke to his nurse.  I explained about being off of BC for 9 cycles, being dx with PCOS/IR, and having a great looking chart but no BFP.  His answer? If I’m not pregnant this cycle, then I’m to come in at CD13 of next cycle for an ultrasound.  If there’s a mature follicle on u/s, he’ll give me an HCG trigger in office to release it, and then it’s hubby’s job from there to make it fertilize. =)  If this doesn’t work, he will do a trial of Clomid. 

This is great news for me – I’ve heard from some other girls on The Nest about how their OB/GYN’s don’t intervene until it’s been 6-12 months of charting, OPK’s, etc.  So I feel very lucky to be with the one I’ve got. We have a plan! Now it’s just a matter of making it work. =)


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