Another “I hate the 2ww” post……

Every blog has ’em, so mine won’t be any different.  The 2ww sucks.  I would rather have a period every two weeks and only have a 1ww.  Why couldn’t women be designed that way? =)

Anyways, I’m about to lose my cool with FF.  It seems os simple….you type in your temps, click on your other symptoms/signs, and voila…..crosshairs.  Not the case this month – it’s changed from CD13 to CD 15, then to CD14, and this morning, to CD17.  Apparently FF does not realize that if you get an HCG trigger, you ovulate within 12 to 36 hours.  However, when I entered in that lovely tidbit of info on CD13, it still shifts my O date to CD17…… not possible.  So, now, I really have no idea when I ovulated.  My best guess is the morning of CD15, because I woke up that morning with O pain on my right side (the side I had a follie on). 

I’m not going to override it again…… if anything, it’ll keep me from POAS’ing too soon.  But I just have to vent my frustrations….. for what FF charges for VIP access, you would think they would have their shiite straight.


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