I knew I shouldn’t have.

After getting excited about the faint +’s I’d been seeing (had one again last night) , I broke down and bought a 3-pack of digitals today.  Tested at lunch, and saw those awful words – “not pregnant”.  I’m trying to chalk it up to being a midday test, not FMU, but it’s hard to get those words out of my head after seeing them.

I swear, I’m not imagining the faint lines I’ve been seeing.  I know what an evap line looks like, and I’ve seen these lines come up within 10 minutes.  And they are definitely blue – not grey or “ghost” looking.  I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that the digital just isn’t as sensitive, or my sample wasn’t concentrated enough.

As you can see from my chart, I have had some definite symptoms – not the phantom bullsh*t.  I called my OB’s office this morning after seeing the faint + , and I got a talking-to for not waiting until tomorrow morning (really, what difference does a day make?) – the nurse was nice about it, though, and understood that I am extremely impatient.  She said if I get a positive tomorrow, they could do BW to check my beta a couple of times before my first appointment.

So, as a fellow nestie told me, screw the lines and get the BW done tomorrow. Which is exactly what I’m going to do.


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