Waiting…. Not so patiently….

After all the funky lines I’d been seeing this week, I POAS with FMU this morning, and nothing.   Well, maybe nothing.  All I could make out was a little blue on the top and bottom of where the line usually is.  Of course, digital this morning gives me a blaring “not pregnant.” 

So, I have one of the girls at work draw me for a qualitative beta this morning, since that’s what the OB’s office wanted to do.  After three sticks, and fountains spewing out of my arm, we managed to get a little blood into both vials.  Sent it with the courier to the lab at 10am.

So now it’s 3:29pm, and no results.  The lab says it  hasn’t been dropped off yet, so I track down the courier.  She’s on the way to the lab with it, so it will be another 2-3 hours.  So, I’m waiting.


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