Scary last 24 hours! (TMI warning)

It’s been a crazy day!  It all started yesterday morning….called the Dr’s office to find out of prolonged FP was a result/side effect of the Clomid.  I was on CD7 with still a light flow, where I’m normally a 3-4CD girl…. 1-2 days of light flow, followed by 1-2 days of spotting.  Nope, not a side effect……was told to call back if still w/bleeding on Monday. 

Fast forward to 3:30pm yesterday.  I got the feeling like a water balloon had ruptured in my pants – literally!  I run to the bathroom, and it’s like someone turned on the faucet…. bright red gushing blood, massive clots, then a steady drip.  It takes a lot to freak me out (I’m an RN and can handle pretty much anything), but I was terrified at the sight of all that blood.  My hands were shaking, I started getting lightheaded, and I was expecting my uterus to completely fall out.  I called my OB, and he set up an u/s and bloodwork for first thing in the morning.   I had to get up twice overnight to change clothes (bleeding through a phone book sized overnight pad), and slept on a towel for fear of ruining my brand new 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

U/S this morning was completely normal, and bloodwork was fine, no anemia.  After my office visit with him, he explained that he doesn’t think anything is structurally wrong.  His theory is that I am probably not ovulating at all on my own, and if so, it’s very poor/weak (which would explain the “slow rise” I’ve had the last few months on my chart).  He says that the trigger shot last month was a definite ovulation, and I’m probably just sloughing off a few months worth of residual endometrium.  So, there’s probably more of this to come in the next few days.

On a positive note, the u/s did show I had 2 follies on the right (11mm and 12mm), and 1-2 immature follies.  The left showed 5-6 immature ones as well – which means I’m responding after 3 days of Clomid, on the lowest dose!  *Squee!*  So, take that, endo doc!  You know, the one that said earlier that a progesterone level is all that’s needed to show ovulation?  No more reproductive advice from you. =)  I’m all set to go back next Wednesday for my CD13 u/s and trigger.  Which means that day is going to be hectic – u/s and trigger that morning, meeting with tax lady that afternoon, and my first bridal show that night (I’m a part time wedding photographer).

So, FP, be gone!


1 Comment

  1. Echloe said,

    February 18, 2008 at 11:43 pm

    Echloe chants “be gone FP, be gone” for you.

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