This roller coaster ride….

….is getting old.  I was all set to post this down-in-the-dumps, woe is me paragraph because I had a stark white FRER this morning, and my temps went down – still above coverline, but down nonetheless. 

In fact, because I’m such a nerd, here’s my peestick from this morning.


Then I got to work this morning…..on a whim, I tested with SMU on one of our tests here in the office.  It’s sensitivity is claimed to be at 25 mIu, but it is one of those 3 line tests that has a super dark control on the left, a center control line to show you what a 25mIu positive looks like, and the actual test line on the right.

So, after testing with this one, I come back to look at it 10 minutes later and there’s a line on the test side.  Not dark – it’s a good bit lighter than the center control line – but a line!  You can see it without squinting, turning it, or holding it up to the light.  =)  I’m going to be a nerd again and post a pic when I go home for lunch, and test with another test from work after holding my pee.

I go from totally pissy this morning and in a godawful mood, to holding back my excitement, praying this is finally it.  My MD I work for is fabulous – she’s ordered a beta that I’m going to have drawn in a few hours.  I’ll update!


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