HPT Commercials

They are driving me nuts!  They taunt you, tease you, and try to make you believe you really can find out if you’re pregnant 5 days before your missed period. 

There’s two that really irk me.  The first one is the Clearblue Easy Digital one…. “the most advanced technology you will ever pee on.”  The line is stupid to begin with, but when the pee stream starts coming into the picture, it’s gross.

The second one is for First Response…. “let us tell you first.”  The start of the commercial has two or three women, each asking, “Could I be pregnant?”  Then when the First Response girl starts talking about the tests, the wondering women are pictured in the background, appearing to be deep in thought and staring off into space, contemplating…… something. 

I swear, if someone comes out with a new brand of pregnancy test marketed toward teens, they’d be a millionaire.   Put some Bratz-looking dolls on the front, like the new Today Sponge box.  Lots of bright colors, some sparkles and glitter, and voila.  Make it glow-in-the-dark, so you can test with the lights off in your bathroom at midnight and your parent’s won’t suspect anything. 

And for the commercial, show two skank-a-dank looking girls stealing the test from Walgreens, then going over to the best friend’s house to do the test so her parents won’t know.  Have the two girls huddled on the bathroom floor, potentially pregnant-girl tells her friend to look at the test for her, and she says, “It’s positive! Positive means good news, right? You’re not pregnant!”.  They hug, then have the tag line, “let us tell you first.”  Genius.


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