Here we go again.

I called my OB’s office again to profusely apologize about what happened last cycle – they were so sweet and totally understood.  My OB said it was okay to do 2 or 3 more Clomid cycles with u/s monitoring, and if nothing happens, then we will have to move on. 

He does want to do things a little differently – he’s upping the Clomid to 100mg, and doing it for 7 days, CD 2-8.  I’ll still go in at CD13 for u/s.  I’m really hoping my ovaries don’t look like helium balloons by then. =)

So, right now, I’m just waiting for CD 1.  I’ve had bright red spotting for the last 3 days, but nothing significant enough to count as full flow.  This sucks.


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  1. moi said,

    May 2, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    Maybe this will give you guys time to talk about IUI some and him giving a sample. Is there some brochures or something you can share with him? I know IUI is tough for women but they don’t have to go into a room and masturbate. Its easy to not keep your DH in the loop on your IF status. I would encourage you to talk to your DH more about whats going on in your appointments and keep him invovled so when its his turn to do something he is mentally perpared and aware of everything. I would NOT just wait for him to ask why you aren’t pg yet in a few months.


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