Mother’s Day Sucks.

Well, not really.  It just sucks for someone who wants to be one, who isn’t.  It was nice to spend the day with my mom and my sister (with her 2 year old), and my mom’s in laws – 2nd marriage – long story.  However, when my mom’s MIL asked, “When are y’all going to give R**** a little cousin?  Then you can celebrate today, too!”, I about lost it.  I just clenched my teeth and said, “We’re working on it,” and walked away. 

My stepfather picked up on it, though, and asked his mom, “You didn’t mention a baby, did you?” and she mumbled some sort of response.  So, I silently thanked him. =) 

Anyways, my CD13 u/s is tomorrow (actually, it’s CD14, but with today being Sunday, had to wait until today).  We’ll see what my ovaries up to, and hope that the 100mg x 7 days wasn’t too much.  I’ve got major bloat going on, and sex is even painful when DH is hitting ovaries the size of golf balls.  Update tomorrow!


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