a simple prayer (a la Ricky Bobby)

dear lord baby jesus up in heaven, please send me FP.  or a BFP.  whichever you prefer.  just send me something so i can be out of this waiting game.  my body has been teasing me with high temps and spotting.  and still nothing.  i should own stock in FRER i’ve bought so many of them. tiny newborn baby jesus, just move me on to the next cycle.  my CBEFM will be here in the next few days, and i want to start using it.  i never thought i’d say it, but i am looking forward to buying tampons and OPK’s.  however, if you see the irony in me purchasing a CBEFM the same cycle i am to get pregnant, please give me a sign.  the sooner the better.  thanks, 8 pound six ounce baby jesus.  you rock.


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  1. MayT said,

    July 3, 2008 at 12:29 am


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