It’s the little things

that make me happy.  Like dancing around my living room when my CBEFM came in the mail – the same day I started FP.  So I finally get to use it – although I know I probably won’t get a peak this month, it didn’t stop me from dropping $120 at Walgreens on OPK’s, tampons, pantiliners, Veet, smelly bath stuff, and two bottles of KY Intrigue.  I am ready. =)

Apparently H has been a little more open with our friends about our T-TTC – or maybe it was the beer – because they’re all asking me when he can get his new boat.  He’s told them about our “deal,” so my response was, “He can get a boat whenever he’s ready to give up a sample – if he was smart, he could have done it 3 months ago, had a new boat, and a pregnant wife by now.”

Is it wrong that I spent all day yesterday scouring the paper and the web for boat ads? Boat for baby – easy trade! =)


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