sneaky SA…. sort of

After doing some investigating about postcoital testing, I decided to call my OB to see if this was an option.  He said yes – so I went in today to have it done.

Some background – for a PCT, all you have to do is have sex on one of your fertile days, then go in to the dr’s office the following morning for a vaginal swab.  They put the sample on a slide and check it under a microscope for sperm.  Easy-peasy.

Most doctors say that this type of test is pointless, since it can’t diagnose anything.  I knew that it wouldn’t show anything specific – I just wanted reassurance that DH is producing something.  So, after much seduction last night, I went in today for the test.

It was cool to actually see them on the microscope – the few I saw had one head, one tail, and were alive and kicking (or wiggling, should i say?).  No mutant sperm, no dead sperm, just sperm that need some direction.  I mean, shouldn’t they be past my cervix by now?

Anyways, from what my dr told me, you can count the number of sperm you see in each high power field – the slide can be moved around to different areas under the scope to see different fields.  Normal would be considered at least 10 per HPF (I’ve read 25, but I’ll defer to the dr on this one).  In my sample, the most the dr. counted were 6 sperm…. other fields had anywhere from 1-4.

So, although it’s not perfect news, at least I know that DH is producing sperm that seem to be normal.  It was kind of cute to see them swimming around….. I just wanted to point them in the right direction. =)


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