uterus, you suck.

and while i’m at it, you too, ovaries.  and i may as well include the tubes as well.  i’m on a roll.

you spot bright red yesterday, convincing me that FP is here, then nothing.  you are such a tease.  i go through the frustration of POAS’ing again this am, just to get a negative on a FRER, and what could be (if squinting hard) a blue line on a generic blue line test. 

of course, i have to pop them out of the case to scrutinize them, and within a few minutes, the blue line test is blaring back at me, as blue as the day is long.  crappy camera phone pic below.

if this is not a positive, then it’s the cruelest joke in the world.  i stuck myself this morning for a beta…. i would put money on it that it’s negative.

the bright side – if i’m not pregnant this cycle, DH has to suck it up and get his SA. =)

*** update ***   beta is neg-a-tive.  fuckityfuck.


1 Comment

  1. mrsblondies said,

    July 22, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    I’m sorry that your beta was negative and that the HPT was screw with you. That really sucks. I hope your DH gets the SA done.

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