there is a God in heaven

because he heard me… and you.

dh agreed to doing his part. i broke down in front of him today, and couldn’t stop…. he told me that he promised me he would do it, so he’s going to follow through. no backing out, no changing his mind. So I’m calling my OB’s office…. NOW…. to get things set up for an SA & IUI in two weeks.

he also asked questions, which he’s never done before. he asked what would happen if anything shows up abnormal – i told him it would be totally up to him as to how far we would go. he asked if it would cost a lot of money, and i told him that my OB is willing to monitor and do IUI’s in his office before referring out, which cuts down significantly on the cost.

so, we’ve made progress. thank you, ladies, for taking the time to respond to me. it means more to me than you’ll ever know.


1 Comment

  1. Echloe said,

    July 26, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    So glad it is working out for you.

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