can i catch an effin’ break here?

geez… what else could possibly throw a kink in my reproductive plans?

cd1 started today, and doing the math, testing and iui is out for this cycle because our annual fishing trip is labor day weekend…. cd10 through 13. 

we’re staying in a cabin in the middle of BFE with fourteen other friends, so no privacy whatsoever… except on our boat (damn you boat! you’ve caused all this trouble!).   i’m not about to have sex on a bass boat in open water at night with skeeters biting my azz.

the only good thing (and it’s a minor good thing) is that if i ovulate on cd14 like i usually do, at least we’ll be home to catch the day before and the day of. 



1 Comment

  1. Robin DePaula said,

    August 21, 2008 at 2:19 am

    You’ve got me cracking up, girl! I have no idea what the lingo means, but what you wrote about the boat & skeeters! Hang in there . . .

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