we’ve come a long way….. IUI done!

wow, what a crazy last few months.  i have been a very bad, bad blogger… hurricane gustav threw us for a loop, and things are starting to get settled back down and back to normal.  which brings me to where we are today – i had IUI #1 this morning.  yup, you heard right!  let me rewind, though….

i had decided back in august that i was going to wait for mrduetime to decide when we would move forward.  about two weeks ago, he mentioned that he wanted to go ahead and provide his sample for SA, just so we would know one way or the other what (if any) issues we have.  so, we had a talk.  i told him that if i was going to do another medicated and monitored cycle, there was no backing down.  no changing your mind, no schedule changes at the last minute, no excuses.  he agreed.

so, i made all the phone calls, ordered prescriptions through mail order pharmacies, got appointments, picked up orders, etc….. then we find out that based on my cycle, we would be having to do the IUI on a saturday – opening weekend of hunting season.  so, before cluing mrduetime in to this, i called the reproductive lab at the hospital.  for an extra fee (about $400), we could provide the sample for the IUI on friday, cryogenically freeze it, and thaw it out the following morning.  no problemo.

his results are….. drumroll please…..

pre-cryo: volume 4.5, ph 8.4, no WBC’s, initial concentration 156.7 mil/mL, initial motility 70.2%, grade 3

post-prep: concentration 350 mil/mL, motility 80.9%, grade 3.5

post-thaw: volume 0.5mL, count 276.7 mil/mL, motility 24.1%, grade 3.5, total motile final 33.4 million

which essentially means, normal.  :: whew:: 

i went in this morning to pick up the sample, and the lab tech gave me a test tube with a yellow label on it – i thought she was making small talk with me when she had asked what mrduetime’s favorite color was, but she labeled it with a colored label for good luck. 

so i go down to the assessment center at the hospital to have the procedure done, since it was on a weekend and the office was closed.  i saw the OB on call, dr. clifford, who is the brother of my regular OB (there’s three brothers in the same practice, and one of their daughters is also practicing there too).  he reassured me that all the counts were fine, we were putting in 33.4 million sperm that were “pumped up and ready to go.”  and, according to him, at least a handful of them should not have to ask for directions to the fallopian tubes. =)

it went pretty well, not as painful as my HSG, which i think is because of where i’m at in my cycle.  i had my aunt come with me to the appointment, and as i was changing clothes, she was holding the test tube to keep it warm and was chanting “go, spermies, go” to them.  after it was done, they put me in trendelenburg (on a stretcher with your feet higher than your head) for 30 minutes, and i was free to go. 

so, finally, we did it.  let the wait begin.


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