lightning boobs, SBD’s, and the return of the line. (11dpt/10dpiui)

i would make a really cool comic book character, i think.  my bodily superpowers would astound you. =)

for the last few days i’ve been optimistically checking “tender breasts” in FF as a symptom i’ve had, but that’s a severe understatement.  if they had “erect nipples 24/7” or “unable to sleep on your stomach because of lightning type pain in your boobs”, it would be checked.  seriously, i look like a porn star.  my nips have been saluting me for the past 48 hours, and they WILL NOT GO DOWN.  if i could wrap an ace bandage around my chest, i think it would actually help.  and an SBD in the middle of the night woke mrduetime up out of a dead sleep to ask “what in the hell did you eat for dinner?” hee hee.

as far as the trigger-peeing-outing goes, i’m comparing all of my FMU tests and all of my 2mu tests separately.  as of yesterday morning, my FMU test had gone stark white negative.  my 2mu tests were still showing pretty good lines, which i stil think is odd.  but anyways, this morning’s FMU test actually showed a thin pink line! it’s probably not even visible in the pics below, but i wanted to post them just in case someone’s bionic vision can see it.  here’s the last day of + (8dpt visible, 9dpt extremely faint):








and here’s the next two days (10dpt completely negative, 11dpt faint +):



  1. shawnandlarissa said,

    November 12, 2008 at 4:34 am

    I suck at seeing lines but your chart looks damn good! Good luck!

  2. SurroMommy said,

    November 16, 2008 at 10:54 pm

    I love how you are following so close. With my first and only PG so far, the test didn’t show anything real until 14 days past the date of conception, so hang in there. Really any test until then is full of false results. Goodluck!!

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