my RE appt. is Friday

thank God….  i called to have my OBGYN records sent there, my postop report from both laps, and all my labwork from the regular endo I had seen in the past.  i’m a little bummed that mrduetime won’t be coming…. it’s hunting season, and he’s been planning to go with two of his friends for a while now.  i could put up a fuss, but it’s not worth it – i’d rather keep him happy than argue about it. =)

my lap went well…. dr. e found a lot more endometriosis than he did last time (9 years ago).  his words were “moderate endometriosis in the uterine cul-de-sac, behind both ovaries, and a few areas on the anterior part of the uterus.”  he’s hopeful that this cleanout will up our chances.

my 2nd IUI that was supposed to be thanksgiving day was cancelled because i didn’t respond well to the clomid this go-round…. on CD13 i only had one 13 x 15mm follicle, and a few unmeasurable ones.  so, instead of waiting to see if it would mature, we opted to just try on our own this cycle and continue with IUI next month.  i mean, if it didn’t work with 4 follicles last month, why should it work with just one? 

and on a positive note, i sent the friend mentioned below flowers last week with a handwritten card that summarized what i typed below.  she, and all of our other friends, have been really considerate about keeping the “baby-this, baby-that” talk to a minimum around me.  we’re still talking, and we’ve seen each other a few times since the announcement, but i feel like maintaining some space is maintaining my sanity.


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