next step: injectables.

i just realized that this got saved as a draft and not published, so it’s a little late.  sorry. =)

my appt. was this am with the RE, and i reeeeeeeallllly like him. a couple of things he found in my records that were “flags” for him were:

– stage II endometriosis

– elevated DHEA, which he says can suppress ovulation (regular endo didn’t catch this)

– low LDL cholesterol, which he sees in PCOS patients – along with the hair growth, he thinks i may be lean PCOS (meaning i ovulate and have normal insulin levels, but still have cysts)

– no ultrasounds done before each round of clomid: he said that some of my larger follicles on clomid could have been cysts left over from the previous cycle, and if they don’t go away by the time you start the next cycle, they can flare up each time you take the drug.

i’m glad my ob has been able to get me this far, but i’m glad we finally took the next step. so, next cycle i’ll go in on CD3 for bloodwork and a baseline ultrasound…. if my DHEA is still elevated, he’ll put me on steroids for a while. if all is clear with the u/s, i’ll start either follistem or gonal-f. he even said if he comes across any samples of the drug, he’ll hold one for me. =)


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