stim check #1

i’m kicking myself right now for not asking more questions.  =( 

i started 150u of gonal-f on sunday night – not as bad as i thought it would be – i’ve been on byetta before, and it was the same type of pen, just a different needle size (bigger – eek!).  i did 150u on sun-mon-tue, then went in this morning for b/w and u/s.  the u/s showed an 11mm follie on the left, a few in the 8-9 range, and a few in the 6-8 range.  i had an e2 and lh drawn, but forgot to ask for the numbers.  oops #1.

nurse j. told me to do one more night of 150u, then do 225u on thur + start ganirelix, and come back in friday morning for more b/w and another u/s.  i jotted down all the info before we hung up.  after sitting there for a minute, i’m thinking to myself, “is this good?  it must mean i’m responding, if they’re starting the ganirelix (which keeps you from ovulating on your own).  maybe we’ll get to the IUI sooner than we thought.  should i call back?  i don’t want to harass them…..”  oops #2.

so, i’m going to sit on my hands for now, do as i was instructed to do, and go back on friday for another stim check.  easier said than done.

p.s.  i forgot to add that i almost had a stroke when i saw the terror-toddler-mom from last week walk into the office today, but thankfully, no kids in tow.  maybe someone told her something last time. =)


1 Comment

  1. krazykids said,

    February 18, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    Don’t be afraid to harrass them. That’s their job!

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