that’s what the bottle is labeled from the RE’s office….. i had to laugh at that one!  i was sent home today with a chemistry set of sorts – a sterile cup, a syringe, and a bottle with some orangey-pink stuff in it that’s labeled “vitasperm”.  apparently it’s some sort of extender stuff that keeps the sperm longer.  i dunno.

anyways, the instructions say that an hour before collection, i’m supposed to take the refrigerated vitasperm bottle out and let it get to room temp.  after the deposit is made in the sterile cup, i have to let it liquify for 30 minutes, then draw it up in the syringe and squirt it (hee hee) into the bottle with the pinky-orange stuff in it. 

the paperwork says that it will keep sperm viable for up to 18 hours… and i had no idea that semen can be fed-exed, because there’s also shipping instructions written on the form.  maybe this will give us some leeway with timing.

i’m just waiting on nurse j’s call to let me know if i should trigger tonight or tomorrow.  i had 3 mature-sized follies on u/s today, and numerous other immature ones.  the only bad thing is i’ve been in pretty bad pain today on my left side, which i’m sure is just due to the stims.  my follicles looked pretty smushed up on that side today, too. 

what i wouldn’t give for a lortab right now! =(


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